Campaigns in CamOnApp

CamOnApp is not only an immersive tech company, it is also a channel where brands can run their campaigns. Through the free download app from Google Play or Apple Store, users can scan objects and images from the real world and discover interactive contents with augmented reality or access to filters (face detect).

We offer 2 types of services:

Custom Campaigns: AR contents created by our team of experts in multimedia design, 3D and animations.
Self Service Campaigns: through CamOnApp Studio you can create your own AR content.

Available features: 2D, 3D, Face Detect, cylindrical detection, links, animations, videos, image galleries and scripting.

AR Branded Apps

Thanks to our Branded App service, brands can have their own augmented reality application on Android or IOS. With a totally customized branding, your brand or product can have its own AR app with all features offered by CamOnApp (scanner, filters or geolocation).


VR Web experiences are 360 immersive content that does not require an app to access. This format is ideal for digital display campaigns or programmatic and it is optimized for banners under IAB standards. Web VR experiences improve CTR performance, users engagement and permanence versus traditional rich media banners.

CamOnApp Studio

With CamOnApp Studio is a web editor that allows users, media and advertisers to create their own campaigns with Augmented Reality. It´s a very friendly tool and does not require programming skills. It has a reporting system to analyze data from campaigns such as scans, interactions, user profile and interaction time to optimize the performance of the same.


Benefits for brands, means and agencies


Generate more interactions with editorial, advertising and product content.


Increase your business income by adding value to your ads and products.


Know the behavior of your users and optimize the performance of your campaigns.


Use offline supports to generate more visits to your online channels.

CamOnApp is already used by

Main brands, agencies and media that made augmented reality with CamOnApp.